My first Music Video Pt 1. First 15 hours.

My first music video involves classic colors and tesselations

The video currently features Free stock footage of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

I finally did it, Im beginning to fuse my audio, visual and general photography skills together, I always get bored with just one thing. Film is so much more submersive, I love dynamic changing color. Maybe I should get caught up on sleep now. Im in that happy spot post creation, where one begins to feel overly excited about their work. Im to often a perfectionist and when Im not IM guilty of releasing early and never finishing.

Im new and learned Adobe premier and Adobe After Effects on my own. I've been working around computers, trying to find a creative freelancing job. I intend to make 3D animation and canvas HTMl5. AT time of post I am working cheap trying to make my summer something other then work. You can view my music some art my web sites and random whims by visiting my page at

 David Cannon DJC5 Artist Bieber Fever Forever

I like 80s music and art. Anything that existed before Ronald Reagan's Presidency seems like a good direction to me. I made alot of small incidental timing errors with this draft. Ive already created elaborate time consuming ways to make animations that are very clean, this one is a bit dirtier then what I was going for.

What I ended Up with

I ended up going with a nostalgic and organic color scheme, and a dynamic image tempo. Tessellations and Persian/Islamic designs are always appealing to me. I felt like an early version was a must to make them available. They layer and go on and on so I hope in this edit I get them out of my system or better yet, have prepared a firm basis for the final FXs. While developing a personal creative process over the years is priceless, in my recent educational pursuits, I've come to my own break through. I think we all have innate strengths and weaknesses, and Im not sure if my breakthrough is more about evening about my skill sets or more about finding new talent. My newest and greatest skill set is process. From understanding orders of operations and commutators in string theory, to reproducing master artworks by understanding process, Ive found exceptional room for growth. I believe this breakthrough comes largely in part of the digital age and availability of various production tools. Ive come onto the second instinct that I can do anything if I apply enough foresight and preparation into my process.

My process for this piece was to set color keyed footage reels, in balance. Orange/Blue in this case, de-saturated to vintage feel. I wanted to keep continuity more then anything. I knew I was lacking in shots and my main goal was to avoid bad process. Random application of sub-processes and filtering.

I would have loved to sequenced the song and footage, but still prefer to work in my German DAW, and not in Audition. I adapted my music making process aswell for this project. I chose to find a good basic mix, and set a sound and image palette. The next phase will be to refine that palette. Ill probably throw in more clean cuts to pair with future mutilations or arrangement and resequencing and compositions. Time will tell if this shapes up or becomes a deleted post.